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Looking for love

Hombre (46) Buscando Transexual Oulu, Oulun lääni, Finlandia

Please read profile before responding or mailing to me. At least endest part of description if not wanting to spend too much time to read this. There are just some important things to consider ...that neither of us need to waste our time. :)

I'm friendly, calm, loyal and honest man. I like nature, doing sports occasionally when I have time from my everyday life and routines. I enjoy ice and rolling skating, cross-country ski, playing football with friends, hunting, fishing, hiking, spending evenings with friends, listening music, watching movies. I have two kids who lives part of their time with me.

I crave for nice beautiful trans-girl next to me, who has feminine voice. I like girl, who dares to be a woman, be feminine. . . wear and act like one. I mean that for example she likes high heel shoes, skirts, make-up. . . I just can imagine hearing your shoes clicking and coming closer to me wearing your nice summer dress with nice smile on your face and giving me lovely hug and kiss. . . just only because you are happy with me. And I dream that sometimes when I'm coming home, I see you in our house kitchen. . . I would hug you from behind, giving tender kiss to your neck. Or maybe some cold and dark winter evening we open bottle of wine and make some plans together. Here and there I would surprise you with candle light dinner. I'm not good at cooking at all : ) but I will surely do my best and put effort to satisfy your taste and appetite : ) Life is not just about fun and enjoyment, it is also work, problems, and everyday routines but still I like those days too and days in life doesn't need to be that special . . . we can also just sit on sofa, watch a movie and cuddle. Enjoy each others company with cooking together.. . . planning and dreaming our future together, memorize what we have done so far. . . remembering our good old times together. I enjoy cold and dark winter days. . . it brings kind of cozy and romantic, I enjoy spring with its first rays of bright sun and ice fishing trips to small lake next to summer cottage and doing cross country ski on forest, I enjoy summer with all bright nights with its warmth and times in summer cottage, I enjoy autumns too when hunting season starts and how nature is getting for the rest and slowly going to darker and colder. I love sex, and it should be much more than vanilla, with wide and wild imagination. I love to experience all kinky things together.. be dominant...or in best case be dominant and submissive...depending of our mood :) Be versatile or top, non-op. I'm not here after sex but isn't that enjoyable part of our life...so that's why the explanation ) Sorry to be so straightforward and that will filter out most of you ...I guess. But I just want to find ONE special t-girl for me :) Even I have sexually very kinky side, I'm very nice and caring guy anyway ! :) ... who really respect and cares my woman feelings. I love to sleep close to you. . . your head on my chest. I love to smell your hair before falling to sleep. I like lazy weekend mornings. . . see your smile, feeling your touch and kiss which tells that 'I'm happy with you, Let's stay one more minute in bed'. . . cuddle a little bit before going to make morning coffee. My happiness comes from these things, and I'm wondering is here a special girl who would also get her happiness with me from these small things in life.

Searching someone seems to be so time taking, and I would really love to end my search and remove my profile here. So... to make things faster and to save mine and your time, please answer to some questions when you respond to my mail and/or think following things. If you make the first contact, I don't expect that you reply to these questions because I don't want that you put too much effort on your first mail...if I get interested of you, then please answer to these questions. Or if I send you mail first. This might sound harsh but my meaning is good. So.... Can you skype with cam (doesn't mean cam sex, just want that we see each others) ? If not ... then I don't see any realistic possibility that we would ever meet in real either. So don't contact me if you can't. Do you expect me to send money to you if you are my girlfriend ? Are you really willing to relocate to live here if you like me ? If you have doubts... then I am not willing to wait that you make decision some day. Are you top or versatile ? I am not looking purely bottom. Are you sexually kinky, do you like dom/sub play together and which role you prefer ? and open minded for different things what we can do together ? Is it easier to say what you like in sex or your 'limits' ...if so , then what are your limits. The more kinkier you are, better for me :) And hopefully for you as well. Tell what you think or information you like to share or ask from me, I am open minded and never judge anyone. I am not after sex here but I want that we can be happy on that level. Do you have feminine or androgyne voice ? I mean that you sound at least somewhat like girl. Your profile pics are really you ? Do you have friendly and calm personality ? I am not very talkative...are you ok with that ? Generally speaking, do you have any expectations towards me ? Just asking that we don't face some 'deal break' situation after spending much time with each others. And please... be free to ask whatever question you might have in your mind :) I know, many things for you to write when you respond to my mail. If you do that, I know you have spent time for it and I value it. Thanks :)

Don't be afraid to make first contact....if I like you , I will bite ...heh :)

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EtnicidadCaucásica / Blanca
Herencia nacionalFinlandés
ContexturaAlgunas libras de más
Altura175 cm
Color de ojosMarrón
Color de cabelloCastaño claro
Arte corporalPerforado… pero solo oído(s)
Condicion de saludNo hay problemas
Dotación (largo)Promedio
Dotación (ancho)Promedio


Estado de relaciónDivorciado/a
Tiene hijosDos
Desea hijosNo
Situación de viviendaAmigos visitan ocasionalmente
Situación de convivenciaVivo solo/a
Quiere mudarseNo
DisponibilidadCualquier momento / cualquier lugar
Posee un automóvilSi

Formación y Empleo

EducacionUniversitario – Máster
EspecialidadOrdenadores / Electrónica
Estatus LaboralTiempo Completo

Preferencias BDSM

Me excitaUna combinación de todos, El sadismo / masoquismo (S&M), El bondage / disciplina (B&D), La dominación / sumisión (D&S)
Mi rol esVersátil
BuscoUna relación de vida

Intereses Sexuales

El sexo oralEs mi favorito
El sexo analMe encanta